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The Roundtable

Working Title: Chivalry is Dead (?)

Actions and set-up:  The six women in the group will dress up as medieval knights, stationing themselves in pertinent locations in the area around Columbine hall.  In our medieval garb (consisting of basic tunic with personalized emblems and swords), we will assist ONLY MEN in such ways as escorting them across the street and/or to class, opening doors for them, and assisting them in carrying their possessions.  The two men in the group will dress and act as minstrels (garb consisting of tights and billowing white shirts, in addition to possible musical prop/instrument), performing documentation of and for the project by singing of the women’s chivalrous deeds and actually recording it.  To maximize action yet retain a balanced team effort, the main group will split into two sub-groups each consisting of three female knights and one minstrel.


Meaning:  This is an artistic performance of role-reversal, reflecting the current trends of society today, and perhaps satirically pointing out the lack of classic chivalry as well.  It hints at the stereotypical gender roles programmed into most every person in society, and how they are slowly breaking down.  This performance brings to mind a question:  is it good that chivalry is dead and gender roles are changing/reversing?  Is there something of value in the romantic notions that these actions are a part of?  What are we commenting on/documenting/experimenting with/etc  if anything?



My apologies for not making it academic.  The question of meaning is an important one that I don’t think we quite answered in our brief discussion today in class.  What is it that we are trying to say?  Are we trying to say anything?  Trying to provoke discussion/reactions?  What kind of discussion/reactions <– figuring these out will help refine our idea/project and the kinds of actions we are performing.


Please blog about this over the next week (additions, refinements, changes if I got something wrong), and post your name (including username so we know who you are) + email contact in case we need to send anything, etc.  Project sounds fun!  Let’s get to it!



Carissa Szarkowski 








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