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Assignment Post Week 9 (Part 2)

Please also post at least 2 thoughtful comments about the Marshall McLuhan article we began in class, The Relation of Environment to Anti-Environment (originally published as an independent article in the Windsor University Review in 1966). FYI, some of his other influential writings include the books War and Peace in the Global Village and The Medium is the Massage.

Here are some considerations:

  • Explain and discuss the claim on page 87: “When an environment becomes an object of attention it assumes the character of an anti-environment or an art object.” How does this inform your decisions about art making, esp. performance work?
  • What is McLuhan’s essential argument? How has he developed and explicated his thesis?
  • Discuss an art work, perhaps one of your own, in the context of this reading, particularly the function of anti-environment. What elements are qualifying the work as such and what purpose does this serve?


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