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Dan Graham finally on Ubu web

Now you can watch Dan Graham’s Performer/Audience/Mirror on Ubu web.


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Week 7 Assignment Post

Here is what you need to do by class on Monday:

Read pages 59-96 in the Fusco book; read the Nick Zangwill article, Art and Audience (follow the link to JSTOR); post four links on your del.icio.us page; REMEMBER THAT CLASS MEETS IN THE DANCE STUDIO ON MONDAY; post at least two thoughtful comments on the readings; and if you are feeling sassy, peruse some of the other audience-relevant articles with links below.

Here are some considerations:

  • What is your response to Jesusa Rodriguez’s theories of humor, and do you see these claims translated into her work?
  • How do you think Tito Vasconcelos’ characters, especially Tatiana Illhuicamina, translate differently to an American audience than to his community?
  • Distill Zangwill’s main thesis and detail your reaction to it, i.e., are you persuaded by his argument, do you accept his grounding claims, and so forth. Why or why not?

Other writings on audience:

Shaping Belief: The Role of Audience in Visual Communication, by Ann C. Tyler

Casting the Audience, by Natalie Crohn Schmitt


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