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Response to the Blindfold Exercise

I wonder how many people participated completely? I know that I didn’t quite. First of all, I’m not sure if I walked away from the classroom for the full three minutes. Second, I kind of peeked a few times. I didn’t mean to, but I could see the ground if I looked down through a gap in the blindfold under my nose. I tried to just keep my eyes closed but when I was scared I might run into something it was hard not to open them.

Also, at the very end, I was so completely turned around that I thought maybe I was going in the completely wrong direction. At that point it had been quite a while since we’d left on the assignment and I figured I really should hurry up and get back to class, so I took off the blindfold. It turns out I was really kind of close to the room. There were random people in the halls kind of looking at me, wondering what I was doing. It may have been embarrassing but I could see other people around with blindfolds also, so it wasn’t, because I wasn’t the only one. It’s weird how things work like that.

When I went back into the classroom most of the class had already returned. So I wonder if others took off their blindfolds also, before I did. Or maybe I just went really really slow. I applaud the few people I saw walk into class after me, blindfolds still on.

I couldn’t help trying to think of why this exercise was significant to the class subject. Which I guess is the point of the exercise really. I think a lot of what it was meant to teach us had to do with something I touched on a little bit earlier, about being embarrassed. We need to get over the embarrassment if we want to express ourselves. We need to not care what other people think. Haha or at least something like that!



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