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Links for Internet Gaming Project

Here are some links to projects relevant to your upcoming Internet Gaming performance:

Chris Reilly’s Flat Self Portrait (Preparation for Entering an Abstract Landscape/Something I’ve Always Wanted to Do) and here

CO²nscience in Second Life and here

Joseph DeLappe’s Salt Satyagraha and here

Eva and Franco Mattes, aka

Cao Fei, aka China Tracy and here


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Dan Graham finally on Ubu web

Now you can watch Dan Graham’s Performer/Audience/Mirror on Ubu web.

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JSTOR Article: Performing Distinctions by Jon Erickson

Here is the link to the JSTOR article: Performing Distinctions by Jon Erickson. I am having a hard time accessing JSTOR from the hospital, so if you find that this link is not working, please email me and let me know so that I can fix the problem. If you are not on campus or using a UCCS dial-up connection, you may also have problems accessing JSTOR. There should not be any problem accessing JSTOR from campus.


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