McD’s Performance

Hi guys!

I just wanted to get the discussion going so that we know what we’re doing by the end of the week. I’ve been doing some research on McD’s and their treatment of animals and I’m posting links to what I’ve found on this blog. I know that everyone was going to do some research of their own, so please post whatever you find as well.



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7 responses to “McD’s Performance

  1. mariasamuelson

    These are links that Erin posted to a different entry:

    hey here are some links i found: 1.'s.production.chai.html 2. 3. 4.–visit-to-a-mcdonald-s-burger-supplier.html i am going to print off this inforamtion as well. let me know about saturday if the plan has changed.

  2. cleasure

    One of the problems I am seeing with targeting McDonald’s food policies is that they are currently transforming their policies surrounding the quality and treatment of animals…There have been at least several serious lawsuits against them, so I think they are taking the transition seriously. We could still consider their corporations treatment of animals overseas because the standards there do not seem to be as well-regulated.

  3. heidirides

    Great, they’re changing policies, but lets see what the people think. I think we should gauge the public’s views on McDonalds food. One person could tally the number of beef products ordered during the time period. Two or more people could hand out flyers, and a couple more people could survey the patrons. We could ask questions like,”do you care how cows are treated, do you know where this beef comes from, do you care, would you be more likely to eat here if you knew the animal were treated well,” etc.
    Also, I have not recieved an image to screen print, so that is no going to happen. We can still meet at 10 in the painting studio then head to McDonalds, or just meet at the McDonalds across from Doherty at 11. Let me know, my number is 719-293-1179 it’s a cell and you must dial the 719.

  4. heidirides

    Sorry, I meant 10 o’clock at Jazzman’s. Also, I print out a list of questions, if someone else could print out flyers with McDonalds beef facts and other info. Please call me with any ideas, info, etc.

  5. cmndrkeen

    10 at Jazzman’s, on that monday that it’s due? Also, are the musical people playing scary music like we were discussing? I would be willing to stand by the order counter and tally orders…
    If there is anything I should know or any changes in plans my phone number is 719-930-2362. Anyone can call or text me.

  6. cleasure

    I can still print up some flyers with beef facts if you want. I will see you at 10 tomorrow by Jazzman’s.

  7. elpetty84

    That’s sounds good, i will tally all of the orders that contain beef and see you bright and early at Jazzmans.

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