JSTOR Article: Performing Distinctions by Jon Erickson

Here is the link to the JSTOR article: Performing Distinctions by Jon Erickson. I am having a hard time accessing JSTOR from the hospital, so if you find that this link is not working, please email me and let me know so that I can fix the problem. If you are not on campus or using a UCCS dial-up connection, you may also have problems accessing JSTOR. There should not be any problem accessing JSTOR from campus.



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2 responses to “JSTOR Article: Performing Distinctions by Jon Erickson

  1. I thought it was a very well written article. it hit all of the points that performance art really is. it basically said that there really is no real or actual defintion, there are several. it gave a brief history of performance art itself, all the way back to the early seventies and how it has always been misunderstood by the American public. it seems to me that as time has gone by the whole idea of performance art has become more encouraged and accepted by the public as a form of the artist’s
    expression of their art, and for people like me that is a huge improvement.

  2. In class it was interesting for me to see how the media world views the idea of performance art. For example, in the movie “She’s All That”, the lead female’s character’s art is what made her unique and an individual amoung the people she went to high school with. i can relate to that, because i was like her in high school, i was the choir student and had a personality that caused me to be viewed as different than everyone else, and i kind of liked that feeling. i liked knowing that i was an individual and that i never followed the crowd, that i was my own person.

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